I’m from a town in Georgia you’ve probably never heard of unless you attend the annual Octoberfest in the Bavarian Alpine town wannabe. Even then, I’m ten minutes out. I am a firm believer in Jesus and His promises. I really like baseball and my dog. When I was sixteen – unsure, uncomfortable, and terrified of getting a parasite – I got on a plane and headed for Guatemala City. Nothing about me has been the same since. (Also, I did get a parasite but it’s fine).
I’ve been on top of volcanoes in Central America, under water falls on the islands in the Philippines, watched the sunrise from an African safari-van, and hiked up castles in Europe. I am lucky enough to see the most beautiful attractions countries have to offer, but that’s not where my passions lie. I’ve seen people make homes out of dumpsites. I’ve sat face-to-face with alcoholics and drugs addicts. I’ve listened to a six year old tell me he wears the same shirt at camp every day because that’s all his family can afford. I’ve heard the words riot, coup, and martial law used to describe the same airport listed on my flight itinerary. I’ve watched an eight year old give her three year old sister her meal because she doesn’t know when they’ll eat again. I’ve built a house out of mud and met the woman who had to live in it.
This is the tiny corner of the internet where I share my stories of lessons and blessings with you. I don’t plan on making a career out of writing, but I do believe this is a cool and fun way for me to proclaim all Jesus is doing in my heart with every inch of the earth. So enjoy and try not to be too hard on my grammar skills.