Albania 18.

Paris and Rome. Castles, Beach Days, and Dance Parties. What kind of mission trip is this? How does my money, as a financial supporter of this trip, further the Gospel in Albania? Is Albania even a third world country? We get a lot of questions like those. And we get it. We understand. Serving with … Continue reading Albania 18.


learning to pray

The end of May all the way through the entire month of June have been some of the most trying days I've experienced in a long time. And, honestly, July isn't looking too promising either. Life has brought me to my knees over and over again and each time I get up and dust myself … Continue reading learning to pray


We hike mountains and chase waterfalls because the beauty that waits for us at the end. At least I do. If someone were to tell me, "there's nothing at the top of this mountain except a mound of rocks that blocks the view," then I would never initiate that first step toward the peak. I … Continue reading image.